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Our Story

The Woodland Reserve is a contemporary and bespoke brand of Jewellery and homeware based in Auckland, New Zealand. A small family business founded in 2018 by Marcos & Luz. 

The Woodland Reserve was born with the dream of giving purpose to discarded native timber. All the inspiration in the unique pieces come from nature. As wood lovers, living in New Zealand is easy to get the necessary inspiration in the landscapes, forest walks, lakes, blue skies, and Mountains. Sometimes, just the timber will speak through the colours and shapes.

Marcos born in Uruguay, at the age of 3 his family moved to the UK and by the 18 years old and being half Kiwi found New Zealand as place to called home. Surrounded by the work of his Father, a hobby woodworker/turner, and with his skills as a boat builder found a profound love for the wood. 

Luz born in Chile, since she was little her dad would fill her dreams telling her about traveling around the world. By the age of 23, she starts traveling to Europe, South Asia, and Australia. She was inspired by nature and landscapes, so by the 25th she finally flew to New Zealand in 2013. After a few months traveling in New Zealand, she knew this would be her new home.

A few years later Marcos and Luz met and a new episode of their life started creating a bespoke handmade New Zealand brand full with dreams of premium Jewellery and Homeware. 
Our vision for The Woodland Reserve is believe in second chances, reusing off-cuts & recycled timber combined with a premium quality eco-friendly resin Ecopoxy, they can reduce the carbon footprint in the world, creating majestic and unique pieces for you and your home, designing and creating a truly bespoke handmade New Zealand product. 
The Woodland Reserve by Marcos & Luz
You are unique, we are bespoke.